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Our Story

Both Victoria and Wally have always been drawn to creative pursuits, working with their hands and sharing a love for nature. 


For Victoria, this has included tole painting, stained glass, calligraphy, woodworking, carving and creating beautiful spaces with plants. Her most rewarding endeavor was when she designed and developed a

4-acre, English garden-inspired sanctuary as a bed and breakfast.


Wally's passion has been centered around his love of working with wood

 including boat building, yacht restoration, carousel horse and relief carving.

Along with supporting each other in our individual endeavors, our combined skills really came together when we started the business Gypsy Vans by Roth, where we built full-sized, museum-quality replicas of ornate English Gypsy wagons. In these projects, Wally built the undercarriage and body of the wagons and painted the basecoat. We both shared in the carving. Victoria did all the decorative painting, scrolling, lining out and gilding. Our combined skills garnered us articles in a number of publications including Airstream Life and The Wall Street Journal.

We have lived on a sailboat in Southern California, in the mountains and southern coast of Oregon, and on the Puget Sound in Washington. When it came time to retire, we were drawn to the tropical climate of Southwest Florida, with its warm water and easy access to miles of beaches. Here, we became captivated by the beauty of seashells and driftwood. Having acquired a large collection of both, we made the decision to start Coastal Creations by Roth with the goal of creating products that capture the timeless beauty of weathered seashells and driftwood. 

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